Dirt Wars Survivor 

            February 20th 21st 

Dirt Wars Survivor will let you test yourself, help others along the course and have a laugh with your mates. We focus on bringing together friends, colleagues, gym groups and sporting teams to experience the fun of obstacle racing.

Wear your most outrageous costume, bring your mates and hold on for the most insane day of the year! You can even extend your stay and camp the night on-site to make a whole weekend of it.


  1. Arrive healthy and prepared
  2. Warm up
  3. Hydrate (Keep fluids up)
  4. Train appropriately
  5. Prepare for the weather
  6. Dress appropriately
  7. Practice water safety
  8. Stay alert
  9. Know your boundary’s
  10. Listen to your body

1. Train

  • Proper training is key to injury prevention. Remember that you’ll be covering 8.5k and over 70 obstacles The course will test not just strength, but also stamina, agility, teamwork and mental courage. If you have any existing injuries or known medical conditions, consult with your doctor before you begin training.

2. Prepare for the Weather

  • Heat
    1. Apply waterproof sunscreen to all exposed areas.
    2. Consider wearing a hat and sunglasses for additional sun protection.
    3. If you feel overheated or dizzy, take a break; if the feeling does not pass, seek medical attention.
  • Cold
    1. Make a plan to have warm, dry clothing ready to change into as soon as you cross the finish line. You can either use the on-site bag check or have a friend or family member meet you afterward.
    2. If you experience confusion or uncontrollable shivering, seek medical attention – these may be signs of hypothermia.

3. Hydrate

  • No matter the weather is sure to hydrate not only on event day, but during the days leading up to it as well.

4. Arrive Healthy

  • If you are sick on event day or in the days leading up to it, do not participate. Your illness may be contagious and may put other participants at risk. To ensure you’re eligible for a full refund, be sure to choose registration protection

5. Dress Appropriately

  • Wear wicking fabrics that will dry quickly.
  • Before the event, be sure to test out all clothing and gear you plan to use during the event. Event day is not the time to try out anything new.

6. Warm Up

  • Be sure to arrive early enough to stretch and prepare to ensure you’re properly warmed up before you tackle the course.

7. Practice Water Safety

  • If you are not a strong swimmer, do not attempt any water obstacles.  There is no penalty for skipping an obstacle.
  • Never jump or dive into water pits headfirst. Flips off of obstacles are also prohibited.
  • Keep your mouth closed whenever entering water or mud.

8. Help out

  • Be aware of others around you. Look after fellow runners. Assist others where you can. Team work is always helpful

9. Know Your Boundary’s

  • Do not attempt any obstacles you are not comfortable with. All obstacles are optional, and the most important thing is to get to the finish line safely.

10. Listen to Your Body

  • If you are feeling unwell during the event, take a break until you feel ready to continue. Remember that Dirt Wars Survivor is a challenge not a race.
  • If you continue to feel unwell, contact a medic. Medics are based at the start and finish line. First aid kits and contacts for first aid are at each water station

Refreshments all day followed by the after party

Fully Catered

Toilets and showers

Onsite camping